High Functioning Anxiety

High-Functioning Anxiety.  Done.  (No matter who you are.)

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Need a Solution

Need a Solution? 2nd Opinion? Expertise & help, from afar!

I claim this Superpower:  Solving your body and mind problems without creating new ones.


In the land of specialization, someone who can make sense of the big picture is a necessary part of your team.  Otherwise, specialization might be the end of you.


All of these certifications are not hanging on a wall somewhere as 'courses I took'.  Instead, they are lining the walls of my brain and heart and used in real time.  It's not for show.  It's to get things done.


The math is kind of crazy:  Thirty-plus years doing it...more than 100 certifications in healthcare topics and almost 40,000 patients and thousands of problem-solving consults.  Equals what?  That's the something different...and better: Known as answers, directions, a plan, solutions.


Listen, we've got Zoom!  If you need help, I'm here for you, where ever you are.  Let the transformations begin.

Radio - Speaking of Keynotes

Speaking of Keynotes.  Not the same ol' same ol' ...

I am not only the tallest keynote speaker with amazing shoes that you can ever book for your event, but I deliver entertaining, engaging and empowering content to audiences that leads them to feel better and take action...or so I have been told, by my mom.  And a few others.  


You pick:  anxiety, healing, peak performance and leadership...healthcare, yoga, communication strategies....Just tell me what you want to accomplish.  If it involves being done with impossibilities, I'll get it done.  It'll be fun, too.  (WANT ME TO BRING SOME LIGHT TO YOUR AUDIENCE?  USE THE BUTTON, ABOVE.!)  


A great speak wakes up your audience to want to achieve more.  That's why training is the organic fruit of the keynote.  Give your audience a bite at the fruit and watch what happens.  

Sweeten Your Life

The Ultimate Guide


ENTREPRENEURS are people, too.

Chief Inside-Job Officer (I'll keep pulling you back in!)

Inside Out Success Systems: FOR THE UNDELEGATABLE.

There are just some things you cannot delegate.


It Takes People to Bring LIFE to life.

Thank you to the people who have entrusted me with this important work!

Here is what they say

"I totally credit Dr. Amelia Case. I never could have done this without her. To sit down and fully examine why I felt the way I felt and not to say, 'It’s his fault or this person’s fault;' to recognize that this isn’t about blame, this is about understanding."

Christi Paul

HLN Anchor

Christi's book chronicles her experience working with Dr. Case to overcome the anxious feelings related to her experiences with her x-husband and their divorce.

"I did not allow myself any time for my own spiritual growth.  I carried around so much fear and guilt about 'not being productive'.  My family is a family of super-achievers.  Me, too.  Going to an Ivy League school only made it worse for me.  The problem turned out to be simple.  I allowed other people to label what 'productive' meant; what 'achievement' meant.  Once I defined it I got true to myself.  That eliminated the anxiety.  It was simple, in fact.  I could not have done it without Dr. Case."



Ellen (40) left the fast-paced investment banking industry to work in a non-profit, and loves singing in the choir and spending time in the hills of Connecticut.

"I found out I had one huge anxiety trigger:  getting behind on my commitments was it.  So, I would postpone meals to get stuff done, and then that would trigger another problem - that was low blood sugar.  Then that would trigger a headache, and then the headache would slow me down, and then I would panic.  Really panic.  Until I took this class, I felt like I was drowning in stress.  Really, I found out what was going on.  Four years in therapy and I never got this understanding of the practical issues involved with creating anxiety.  I still use therapy, but it is more for self-awareness.  I use everything I learned in this program - and I have done it twice!"


Advertising Executive

Beth supervised one of the largest ad accounts in her region in a competitive industry, and did not want to take medication that she thought might dim her 'edge'. 

"I never realized I had any triggers.  It just seemed to be a constant state of anxiety.  It turns out there were a few triggers.  One was simple to solve. If I was tired, the anxiety was horrible.  But I had no idea how to get myself to rest and relax, and to sleep.  I literally learned that from Dr. Case.  Still working on a few triggers, but I feel so much more in control now.  I have repeated the class three times in the last five years.  I just like to be around her. She is a healer."


Bank Manager

Carrie was diagnosed with MS when she was 26, and devoted herself to improve her health to retard the disease progress.  


When I said those words, all of a sudden everything popped: Zzzzit! And I realized everything was in order. I was instantly quiet and humbled and my eyes filled with tears. I felt warmth spread all over me, and I knew I’d had a true breakthrough moment. Dr. Case got tears in her eyes, too, and there we were, crying and laughing and feeling that good vibration!

Dr. Case helped me see that, as soon as I acknowledged the intention to broaden my perspective with humility, I gained the power to realize that dream."

Robin Meade

HLN Morning Express With Robin Meade, Anchor

Robins's New York Times Self-Help Best Seller chronicles her experience working with Dr. Case to overcome panic attacks.

"She told me I would find a solution that fit.  The truth is, that annoyed me.  I wanted a solution.  But, I wanted a guarantee.  I guess I did not believe I had the power to choose.   Dr. Case woke me up.  She told me that a custom solution was the only solution;  there is no one-size-fits-all.  She was right.  And she was also right that I was giving my power away.  She is incredible.  Really incredible."


Client Manager

Frank worked with Dr. Case during a familial dispute while he was also dealing with a diagnosis of a chronic disease.  

"This program improved my whole life.  It is not just about anxiety.  It is about making your life better.  Anxiety is just not an issue when you feel your life is better."


Graduate Student

"I took this class because my twin forced me to do it.  It is one of the reasons I love my sister so much.  She just would not let me suffer any more.  Dr. Case said it would help and she was telling the truth.  It helped me change my identity with anxiety and relieved me of the burden."



Theresa (34) is a jazz singer who is a part-time sculptor.

"My anxiety trigger was saying 'No'.  It was as simple as that.  I learned a lot in the program, but the biggest thing was redesigning the way I said 'No.'  The best part is, I don't say 'Yes' anymore unless I want to." 


Store Manager

Nate is a student working towards earning a degree in fashion-merchandising.  His favorite activity is kite-surfing.

Thank you to the people who have entrusted me

with their health and care!

Here is what they say

"Where do I start! Dr. Case is a healthcare genius. She has healed me when I would have otherwise needed surgery, and that's not just because of her chiropractic expertise, but because of how much she looks at the whole picture, the whole body, the mind, the situation, everything. She must be MENSA, because her IQ is off the charts, but her EQ is what really helps us all heal. When she's not healing all of us who rely on her, she's creating her own summer school for her girls and their friends, painting trees on her ceiling or attending leadership workshops. I don't know when she sleeps. But I do know that the world is certainly a better place because she and her gifts have been shared with us."


CEO, Bamboo Worldwide: Innovation Facilitator, Strategist & Trainer; Public Speaker

"...In word, I think she is truly brilliant. After working with her for over ten years for routine chiropractic care and other sports injuries, I became impressed that she is truly a subject matter expert on chiropractic care, applied kinesiology (muscle strength testing as a method of diagnosis), and naprapathy (joint, muscle, and soft tissue manipulation). I regularly refer friends and family to her for injuries and conditions which are hard to diagnose or treat and for a consultation before undergoing things like elective back surgery. Dr. Case strives to identify the cause of an issue, not just treating the symptom. I believe and hope her methods represent the future of medicine."


Structured, Sealed Bid, and Auction Sales

"I have never been to a doctor of any kind who affected my life and changed my life in such a profound way as Dr. Case has. I went to her soon after I moved to Chicago. I had suffered with massive migraines since I was in junior high school. Dr. Case cured the migraines and changed my life forever. Through her amazing care, I became more healthy than I could ever remember. The care is given with such love and kindness. Dr. Case treats each and every patient as a dear friend, even family. Her whole staff makes you feel welcome and cared about. Dr. Case is world renowned in her field. An amazing doctor and an amazing person. She is the perfect combination of everything we wish a doctor to be."


Senior Consultant at Ernst-Van Praag, Inc.

"She is a phenomenal physician who, unlike most doctors, doesn’t limit herself to treating symptoms; instead she finds and eradicates cause. Hers is no cookie cutter approach – using an inquiry driven style she listens carefully and digs deep beneath the surface to establish what’s really going on in your body’s bigger picture. Moreover, her vast and in depth understanding of western and eastern medicine allows her to prescribe treatment strategies blending the best of both worlds that get to the heart of medical matters and restore the body to optimal health. Dr. Case is the trusted advisor for health care whom you can count on to keep your best interest at heart by recommending what’s right for you."


What’s Next Navigator, Unseen Opportunity Spotter, Innovation Catalyst, Systems Builder and Speaker

"Meeting Dr. Case has changed my quality of life in a dramatic way. I met her several years ago and had been a bit of a skeptic as well as fearful about going to a chiropractor. She is patient and kind and helped me originally with a health issue that I had been struggling with since college. Within a few months, it was totally gone. Dr. Case and her team have led me through recovering from shoulder injuries from sports, as well as a wrist issue from work, and have improved my overall health. Her scientific knowledge of exactly how the body works is amazing and unparalleled. Over the years, while waiting for my adjustment, I can not begin to estimate the number of stories I have heard from clients who have struggled with things for years (such as migraines, etc.), only to finally come to Dr. Case and get help which works. Whenever I hear someone with a story like that, I refer them to Dr. Case because if anyone can help someone, it is Dr. Case and her team."


Owner- CGM Financial Consulting

"Dr. Case takes a holistic approach to healing. Rather than make standard adjustments that many chiropractors do, Amelia takes the time to test body movements in order to customize a treatment to address the root causes of pain. She is expert at explaining-- in layman's terms-- how the body functions and how patients can also contribute to their own healing."


Creating innovative solutions for the world's marketing professionals

"Dr. Case is someone that I can't imagine living without. She has helped me time and time again. One example is when I fell down my stairs and hurt my arm. My arm wasn't broken, however I couldn't move it. After visits to two highly regarded Orthopedic doctors who both wanted to solve my problem with cortisone shots, Dr. Case knew immediately what the problem was. Without any drugs and just a few treatments with a percussor, my arm was 100% healed. Dr. Case also discovered that I had an intolerance to dairy. I had no idea that my afternoon sluggishness was a result of a food intolerance. Dr. Case is not just a chiropractor, she's a miracle worker."


Care Management, Guidance & Support

"I have osteoarthritis at a young age, with complications from past injuries. Mine has been a complex situation to say the least and I was very impressed at how Dr. Case didn't give up and employed creative approaches in collaboration with other therapists. The results speak for themselves, the difference in my neck pain now versus when I began seeing her is like night and day! As a business person, Dr. Case does a great job at keeping the patient's needs at the focus, while doing so within the construct of a successful business model. She has vision; and the drive and abilities to achieve it. In my opinion, she is one of the rare entrepreneurs that has the potential to go all the way. I highly recommend Dr. Case to anyone as a medical professional or as a business person.."


Director of Finance at 01.com

Thank you to the people who have come to hear me present

and teach!

Here is what they say

"Captured the audience attention for the whole hour.  Without a note in hand!  You gave them laughter and tears. You were incredible! Thank you!"

Dr. Sanna

President and CEO

Breakthrough Coaching

"...a great facilitator taking into account the many emotions...made everyone feel at ease...explains the concepts scientifically and with positive reinforcement...incredible patience with the most difficult situations.  By the end of the weekend, one is energized and truly feels that whatever obstacles they had when they started the weekend, have been overcome."


Customer Experience|Fleet Management|Supplier Management|eCommerce|Business Development|Sales Leadership

"Dr. Case is a true healer with skill and intuition. Her passion and knowledge of natural health care is intoxicating and inspiring. The years of experience with Dr. Case greatly influenced my own career path into natural health care."


Co-owner, Licensed Acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine Practitioner at Ascent East Asian Integrative Care

"If you ever have a chance to work with her, grab it with both hands."


The Mummy Whisperer - author, coach & healer

"...deliberate, inquisitive and persistent.... Her creativity ...is inspiring... Anyone choosing to consult with her will receive a powerful experience. You obtain a renewed approach to goal setting, greater vitality, and certainty. Amelia helps you to break through barriers that cause fear and guilt and block your desire to reach your next level. New opportunities await you with Amelia."


Adjunct Professor at Ohio University

"I loved the class! Amelia is a gifted teacher who has a knack for explaining complex scientific concepts in terms that "non-scientific" people can understand. [She] demonstrates a strong commitment along with creative problem solving skills to helping others to move beyond issues to gain a better sense of self and contentment."


Vice President, Job Coaching, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

"I began my professional career as a chiropractor under the direction and guidance of Dr. Case. It was the best decision I could have made. Her clinical expertise and advanced training as a doctor was of immense value to me as a new practitioner. She spent countless hours personally working with me and helping me to cultivate and sharpen my skills as a doctor and trusted part of her practice. Most importantly, her vision is what inspired me the most. With this, she was able to touch the lives of those far beyond the four walls of the office and continues to do so today. I'll forever be thankful for the years I trained and grew as a practitioner with her as my mentor. Those that work with her as a patient or professionally are in good hands and undoubtedly better for it."

Owner, The Chiropractic People

Dr. Chavez

Owner and Medical Director M. Chavez, MD, SC

"Amelia blew me away. So much of the material she teaches is complex and scientific, yet she explained it so everyone understood easily... I know I wouldn't have gotten so much out of it had I taken the course with a different instructor. She genuinely cared and personally made sure that everyone attending "got it" and had a breakthrough moment of their own. I can't recommend [her] enough! Because of Amelia, I will always use these teachings in my life."


Award-winning Communicator & Strategist

" 'It's a way to give the princesses some self-esteem too,' Case said. 'They've been through some serious stuff. Why on earth would any story end there?'


Seriously. Poisoned apples, voice-stealing sea witches, dead mothers, cursed spindles.


" 'Nobody ever says, 'Hey, Snow!' Look at you!' " Case said. " 'You ate a poisoned apple, and you're still with us! How'd you do it?' " 

 (Chicago Tribune).  Read More Here.

Heidi Stevens

Contact Reporter,

Balancing Act

Chicago Tribune

"Though Case is an entrepreneur herself (she founded alternative wellness center Universal Health Institute) she hopes girls like her daughters understand through these stories that happily ever after can mean a lot more than just finding a prince."

(ChicagoInno)  Read More Here.

Karis Hustad



"Happily Ever After starts with Snow White launching a start-up. Word."

Stephanie Paige Miller

Senior Marketing and Advertising Director


"We don't need more stories about how to find a prince -- but we do need more about how to find ourselves. I am so glad you're doing this, Amelia!" "

Gloria Steinem

Writer, Editor, Activist

"The Secret Weapon for Girls Self Esteem Empowerment?  Princesses! Surprised?"

Jeanne M Sullivan

Founding Principal of Starvest

Chief Inspiration Officer, ASTIA

"...it seems like the 'Princesses with a Twist' series is well on its way to proving that the life of a princess isn't all ball gowns and cute animal sidekicks."

(Huffington PostRead More Here.

Taylor Pittman 

Life Reporter,

Huffington Post